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Waterproof, smudgeproof, eyebrows for, revolutionary 3D Brow Building will allow you to re-construct eyebrows completely.

3D Brow Building & Sculpting is completely new treatment on a beauty market, that allows us to create any brows for our clients using our 2 innovative techniques. We can better shape, change color, and fill gaps. 

Method One

Hair-on-hair for partial brows

Brow hairs are attached on natural brow hairs where possible (hair-on-hair only). This creates better shape, fullness and definition. We do not apply hairs on skin, although adhesive is formulated to allow this- it simply does not last as long. This technique is known as 'Building'. 

Method Who

Sculptured paint for little or no existing brows

Our second technique involves a completely new and innovative product in the beauty industry. This is called sculptured paint and is applied in thin strokes to imitate a hair effect on the skin where there is no hair at all. It gives a raised impression because it has texture and is not flat like shadow, tint or pencil. This product will last on skin between 2-3 weeks depending on the natural skin regeneration process and care of client.

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